Small classes are important to ensure that each child is given individual attention. This is an important feature at Studio C Dance. Every dance student will leave each class having learned or improved in some way.

Christina also seeks to help each child develop her/his self esteem and confidence. By providing performance opportunities such as parades, festival performances, and our annual dance show, our students gain confidence and this is very rewarding for both Christina and her students.

Christina teaches classical ballet, incorporating both Cecchetti and Russian Syllabi. This gives students some variation, does not limit them to just one style of ballet and also introduces them to different styles of choreography.

Teaching proper dance technique is one of Christina’s top priorities. She takes great pride in instilling a love of dance to her students while at the same time ensuring, through close observation and attentiveness to body form, that all students are understanding and learning how to dance using proper body mechanics and principles. Ballet develops muscle tone, strength, fitness, flexibility, posture, grace, and balance and these qualities will benefit your child in the years to come.

This is the highest level of ballet dance. Pointe shoes enable the dancer to go up on her toes, adding grace and beauty to her movements. When bone development in a young girl is far enough along (usually 14 to 16 years of age) she is able to begin Pointe as an extension to her ballet training. It is vitally important that a student not begin Pointe until her body is ready, to avoid permanent damage.

Jazz class begins with an aerobic warm-up, stretches and isolations to help the students learn how to move various parts of their bodies, and continues with co-ordination exercises, turns, jumps, jazz technique, and variations across the floor. 

Lyrical dance combines both Ballet and Jazz and involves the dancers moving their bodies together and individually to interpret the music that they are dancing to.   Only students currently taking Ballet in the Senior level are allowed to take Lyrical.  Students must have the base training that only Ballet provides in order to successfully participate in the Lyrical class. 

Tap dance is a fun form of dance that not only teaches the skills of making tap sounds with your feet, but is also important in teaching rhythm, counting to the beat of the music, and working together as a group to make all of the tapping sound as one.  It adds another dimension to the dancer's training. 


Baton Twirling
Christina follows the Canadian Baton Twirling Federation guidelines for teaching Skills Development. Baton Twirlers develop their twirling skills by working through various levels.

As Baton Twirling has become more dance oriented, dance technique has become important in our twirling classes. Thus, each class begins with a warm-up similar to our Jazz classes followed by twirling practice.

Twirling, especially at the more advanced levels, takes much practice in order to perfect and perform the twirls properly. This can be challenging and very rewarding to students who strive to better themselves.

Adult Ballet
Adult ballet classes are a fun and challenging workout for those who wish to improve their level of fitness, strength, flexibility, muscle tone and poise.  Class involves a full Ballet Barre routine, stretching, then center work such as turns, jumps, and variations across the floor.  

Christina and her husband, Jason, also teach Ballroom and Swing Dance to adults/teens in private and group lessons.

Dance of any form is a wonderful way to exercise and have fun at the same time. Our Ballroom and Swing Dance classes are very enjoyable and everyone who has taken our classes has learned how to dance.

Both Christina and Jason have received intensive training in the form of Swing Dance called ‘Lindy Hop’. This is the original form of Swing Dance and other forms, such as East Coast and West Coast Swing evolved from the original Lindy Hop. We also teach East Coast Swing, which is a nice variation of Swing Dance and enable the dancer to dance to faster tempo songs.

Ballroom Dance - Wedding Dance
Our Ballroom Dance sessions involve learning the Waltz, Quickstep and Tango. We also offer special individualized classes especially for wedding couples. We will choreograph and teach your wedding dance to the song that you choose.

Adult Waltz, Tango & Swing
Contact us for details.

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